Mogauwane Mahloele
was born in Storomo and raised in Mamelodi ya Tshwane, South Africa. He was born a drummer, and learned to master his instruments through countless hours observing, participating, practicing, rehearsing rhythms and making the instruments to fully understand their capabilities. He is of the BaPedi people, known for their versatility in music instrumentation. Among Mahloele`s mentors, Tshidi, Kasi and Lefes were especially important in impressing upon him not only technique and particular rhythms and music, but also a deep seriousness in ethics and aesthetics of the culture, social structure, and the history of both family and the nation. Mahloele was born and raised under the apartheid system and worked to see it dismantled. Theses struggles frame his music, and his soul. Mahloele has been playing music since his days in the warmth of his mother`s womb. His mother was a traditional dancer, and he too danced, even before he was born. His music is traditional and traditionally inspired, and has been his lifeblood for more than 40 years.
Mahloele is accomplished in both the crafting and playing of African drums, stolotolo (mouth harp), dipela (kalimba), naka, flute, sekere, kora and makhoyane (bowed instrument with gourd resonator) He is also a sculptor, painter, actor and audio engineer. Mahloele has toured throughout Africa, Europe and the United States as a performer and teacher. His tours have also included exhibitions of his sculptures, paintings and musical instruments. Incredibly versatile and creative, Mahloele is both deeply knowledgeable about (and dedicated to) traditional music and culture of his Azanian (South African) people, and is often exploring new territories. He has performed and exhibited at the Clef Club, Temple University, Beaver College, Eastern State Penitentiary and at internationally known venues.
He has collaborated with other artists as diverse as Homer Jackson, Khan Jamal, Odeon Pope, Don Famoudou Moye, Dudu Phukwana, Joe Malinga and the Art Ensemble of Chicago to name a few. He is a member of the Philadelphia Folklore Project, and has taught African Percussion domestically and abroad in countries as far as Swaziland and cities as close as Philadelphia.

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